Mission Statement

ALTERNATIVE” is an independent think tank in Armenia. The Center was founded by a team of young professionals, experts and opinion makers residing both in Armenia and throughout the Diaspora. Thanks to the devoted activities of the founder and associates of the institution significant academic forums have been realized since its founding in 1991, thereby developing a new culture of fruitful political discussion on major issues of national and global concern. Among the Center’s most prominent academic endeavors are: Symposium -91 on Economic Restructuring and Development of Armenia (1991, California, USA); Global Challenges and Regional Economic Strategies (1992, Kiev, Ukraine); Contemporary Issues of Sustainable Economic Growth (1998, Yerevan, Armenia); NATO after the Prague Summit (2003, Yerevan, Armenia); and others. The Center has contributed a long list of op-ed articles and analytical papers, and the first volume of Armenia 2020: Strategy for Security and Development, 2003.

ALTERNATIVE” is not just the name of the Center. It is a derivative of the nation-building process and an expression of the firm belief that the ‘democracy’ alternative will deliver authoritative governance, secure land, sustainable development, and a strong economy. The Center aims at ensuring that basic liberties are protected, and Armenia’s leadership and intelligentsia are equipped with insight and acumen for tackling current and upcoming challenges and for finding alternative responses to human adversities. The Center concentrates its resources in research on contemporary issues of domestic policy as well as regional and global strategies, with emphasis on economic and security aspects of development.

ALTERNATIVE” aims to grow into a center where both seasoned professionals and new graduates join efforts in critical analysis and research of the political and economic environment, develop independent assessments of the current situation and forecast future trends in the world economy and corresponding impacts on states and regions. The Center’s fundamental belief is that the future of Armenia strongly depends on how timely and successfully its intellectual potential ¾ the comparative advantage of a nation – is realized.

Current Research Areas

  • Economic policy studies-Understanding the functioning of Armenia’s economy, how to preserve and grow its advantages, how to solve problems that arise from limitations, and how to capitalize on strengths.
  • Democratic governance and civil society-Standards of good governance and cultivating the political conditions within which democracy and civil society can thrive.
  • Political and economic security– Analyses of the political and economic forces that create and sustain national security; Impact of global trends; Armenia and Millennium Development Goals; Strategic alliance and regional integration, including cooperation with EU, Eastern Partnership, and others.
  • Foreign trade relations and economic policy-The strategic and economic impact of foreign trade relations, strategic alliances and regional integration.

Current Activity Areas

  • Research and analysis
  • Student internships
  • Publications and presentations
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Academic conferences
  • Lunchtime talks