Policy Research and Dialogue ARM-C2-GCSO-S-PRD-2011-05

The Laws of the Republic of Armenia on Economic Competition, on the Minimum Consumer
Basket, and on Taxation have been translated into necessary strategic management systems -rules,
procedures, practices, arrangements, and processes – for improved economic performance in the
Republic of Armenia. Our research had specifically examined the extent to which management
structures and administrative procedures (including knowledge requisites, processes, and
supervisory controls) are integrated with the implementation requirements of these laws and assess
the impact of changes made in the process of institutionalizing the authority in the polity.

Our major goal was to assess the degree to which the referenced laws have been translated into
implementing regulation, supported by procedures, practices, arrangements and processes for
improved economic performance; and to make recommendations for filling existing gaps and
upgrading the range and quality of services that must be shouldered by the bureaucracy, including
administrative systems, human resources, and delivery mechanisms.

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